Apa itu Ashitaba?

Angelica keiskei , commonly known under the Japanese name of  Ashitaba  ( アシタバ or 明日葉   ashitaba , literally "Tomorrow's Leaf&qu...

Resep Kue Ashitaba

   French Toast. Hot coffee. Pasta and pizza, nothing fancy. Maybe some sweets, a counter and a wait staff who calls you “dear customer.” Really, you don’t need too much when it comes to treating yourself to a nice snack. Here we will share another bunch of ashitaba snack recipes you can follow right at your own kitchen: Ashitaba Donuts and Ashitaba Bavarian Cream.

Ingredients:Set A

500g flour
2 tablespoons ashitaba powder
1 tablespoon baking powderSet B
Three eggs
150cc Milk
200g Sugar
A pinch of salt

1. Mix all the ingredients in Set A altogether.
2. Mix all the ingredients in Set B altogether.
3. Fry to medium heat until the core is dropped with a spoon.

Ashitaba Bavarian Cream
Ingredients:150cc Milk
1 egg yolk
30g Sugar
5g powdered gelatin
100cc fresh cream
2 teaspoons of Ashitaba powder
a drop of vanilla extract
Fresh cream (for garnish)

1. Melt the 5g powdered gelatin in hot water.
2. Mix the powdered ashitaba leaves with the warm milk.
3. Stir in egg yolks and sugar in 3 balls.
4. Occasionally stir the mixture and immerse them in ice water until thickened.
5. Mix in the fresh cream and decorate the whipped cream on top.

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